Authentic Power Systems Inc.

Reclaim your Authentic Male Power


MagickMale is all about helping men (and their partners) in today’s world to simply be better men. In today’s overstressed world, men struggle with their new, uncertain role in society and often have problems to deal with the expectations placed upon them. MagickMale provides various online-courses as well and workshops & events for german-speaking men.


Take a look about one of our latest events (german):


Feel Different™ is a unique life-coaching method, Orlando Owen created over several years, in order to help people of all ages & gender to develop a solid foundation of self-esteem.


MagickFemale encourages women to embrace their femininity and discover unique power as a woman. By providing online courses for woman about personal development, spirituality and love, MagickFemale wants to provide a resource for women to self-reflect and renew their life, relationships and emotional health.